The Montessori Way

Early childhood education is one of the most researched topics over the years. Though we may not all agree on a single method of teaching, we surely understand that each child learns differently and at his own pace.

My older child, Aahan (age 11), is a Montessori graduate. It was one of the pre-school options available when we were living in the US. I confess, being born and brought up in India, I wasn’t very aware of the Montessori approach to kindergarten. However, once he started with the Montessori program, there was no looking back. Montessori’s nurturing “prepared environment”, which not only supports but also enhances a child’s learning spurts, was perfect for Aahan. He flourished in the mixed age environment and was comfortable learning at his own pace. He had become more independent and self-disciplined in just a few weeks. He was compassionate in dealing with other children and always confident in his approach. I believe this helped him adjust quickly and make new friends when we moved to London when he was just 6 and then again, when we moved to India when he was 8.

So when the time came to choose a pre-school for my daughter Sana, there was no doubt that we wanted her to join a Montessori school.

Through both my children, I came to appreciate the Montessori program so much so that, I pursued my Montessori certification at Ratan Tata Institute, Mumbai, with the intention to open my own dream school so more parents could benefit from this experience of self-discovery. I strongly believe Montessori is an entirely different approach to education which helps children become better human beings, respecting all people and viewpoints.

So here I am – pursuing my vision and dream – join me in this journey to understand more about what wonders Montessori can create for your little one!

Sejal Shah
Proud Mother of 2 Montessorians and Director, Ubuntu Montessori, Mumbai