Importance of Outdoor Activities for Preschool children

There is an alarming trend in many pre-schools to decrease the amount of recess and outdoor time in favor of more academic instruction and behavior remediation.  This has to stop!  

Children learn better, feel better, and get along with others better when they spend time outside. Children can self-regulate ADHD and SPD tendencies better when they have had enough time to play outside.  
Research shows the benefits of outside play are outperforming!  Just being with nature can reduce stress and lead to fewer illnesses. There is even a bacteria in dirt that triggers an anti-depressant response in you! Children who help in school gardens improve in scientific learning and have healthier eating habits! Other benefits for children from spending time in nature include:

  • Greater physical activity
  • Greater mental health and emotional regulation
  • Improvements in motor skills
  • Have stronger immune systems
  • Have more active imaginations
  • Play better with other children 

One study found that outdoor play in a natural forested environment improved children’s balance, coordination, and other motor skills significantly more than the same motor skills in children who only had access to school playgrounds.  

While playing outside has plenty of health and social benefits for children, there is now research evidence that playing and learning outdoors also benefits academic progress! 
At Ubuntu Pre School, our kids have:

  • improved behavior in the classroom
  • higher scores on standardized tests
  • increased motivation and and enthusiasm to learn in students
  • reduced ADHD symptoms
  • better concentration
  • sharper memory
  • better attendance