Chow Time at Ubuntu Montessori: Feeding with Love and Good Senses

As a mother the one thing we always worry about is food. Mealtimes are stressful. Has my son eaten lunch in school, has my daughter finished her snack…will they come home hungry throwing tantrums…these are some of the questions that are a constant. We are continuously trying to reinvent food cooked at home, trying to make it yummier and more appealing. Basically, trying anything that will make our children eat without a fuss. However, we forget that the root cause behind such behavior lies in the fact that feeding is treated as a chore to be done with.

At Ubuntu Montessori, snack time is not confined to being simply a mechanical act of eating. On the contrary, it is a time for the children to unwind, relax, socialize and savour the food. The children and the directress together relish a hot, healthy, home cooked meal. The children are involved in the entire process beginning from laying the table, setting the plates, cutting fruits, making butter milk or juice to serving food. They are made to understand that they need to abide by certain rules: no running around during snack time, no playing with food and at least trying out what is served. The children are encouraged to not only eat but experience food with all their sense. They smell, they touch and they taste.
Consistently follow the rules and engage your child and you will realize that feeding time is no longer an eternal battle!

Meera Kothari
Executive Principal