Benefits of Preschool

High-quality preschool is an effective way to reduce social problems associated with poverty because it teaches children the psychological skills they need to succeed as adults

  1. In the two previous papers published in 2010, Savelyev and co-authors including the Nobel Prize-winning University of Chicago economist James Heckman found that children who participated in the Perry Project had profoundly better adult lives than peers who did not attend the program. For example, attendees were 30–50 percent less likely to commit a crime.
  2. Girls experienced an improvement in academic motivation, and both boys and girls exhibited a significant reduction in externalizing behavior—which the researchers say is the program’s most lasting and life-changing effect.
  3. Learning how to be well behaved as a young child, it turns out, is one of the strongest predictors of adult success. In some categories, such as crime, employment and health outcomes, up to 70 percent of the benefits of attending the Perry Preschool are due to the project’s effect on reducing externalizing behaviors. Additionally, the research suggests that the necessary skills are quite teachable.
  4. This is critical. A strong sense of wellbeing provides children with confidence, optimism and self-esteem which will encourage children to explore their talents, skills and interests.
  5. Positive interactions with other children and teachers will promote a positive, healthy and secure view of themselves that will allow them to approach situations and problems confidently throughout their lives.
  6. One of the most important findings about brain development shows that the brain has critical periods for learning. If you deprive a brain of information during this crucial time, it may never develop properly; the opportunity is lost. On the other hand, some early experiences can forever enhance the development of a young brain, and potentially change behavior across an individual’s lifespan.
  7. Lorenz’ study provides some of the earliest evidence for critical periods of development and learning. More than any other animal, we humans require intensive learning from the time we’re born until adulthood, and if you’re like me, even as an adult you still have a lot to learn. If we don’t reach children during their early years, it may be too late to teach some of them important skills they’ll need to become successful.
  8. Although preschool does not teach market economics or neuroscience, it provides necessary skills that are essential to getting—and keeping—a job later in life. Most important, children learn how to socialize with peers, manage stress and solve problems. At age 28, the adults who received preschool educations years before had significantly higher job prestige, earnings and socioeconomic status. We at Ubuntu preschool, ensure that your toddler receives all the proven benefits of preschool education and turn as successful and prospering student, professional and human